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A client asked us to repair their roof. On day one we put up all the scaffolding. After this we began stripping all of the ridge tiles and tiles off the roof. Then the roof timbers were cleaned and three broken ones were replaced. The next day we doubled up some roof rafters so that the new roof window would fit. Then a new breathable roof membrane and new laths were fitted. After this the tiles and ridge tiles were refitted.

Scaffolding up ready, we then strip off all the ridge tiles, and the tiles.
We then cleaned down the roof timbers, and replaced three broken ones.
Next we doubled up some roof rafters to be able to fit the new window.
We then fitted a new breathable roof membrane, new laths and refitted the tiles & ridge tiles.
Completed job, every tile on this roof has been off, restored and refitted.
Do it once, do it right, that's what we say.